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Research, development and production of advanced technical textiles tailored to your needs.

Our mission

It is to offer you tailor-made, innovative and high-performance solutions to respond to your various problems such as :

  • Mechanical (cutting, abrasion, perforation, etc.)
  • Thermal (insulation, resistance to heat and cold (-160°C to +1300°C), non-flammable...)
  • Physical and Chemical (resistance to UV rays, acids and bases, detergents, etc.)
  • Electrical (heating fabric, conductive wire, soft fabric for electromagnetic shielding, antistatic fabric...)

Our know-how: innovative fibres and structures

“IMATTEC : your expert in advanced fibrous materials and technical textiles”

research and development laboratory
  • Our expertise in materials, fibres and technical textiles, as well as our integrated processes and partners, enable us to offer you a wide range of solutions, whether in fibres, yarns, fabrics, knitwear, braids, ribbons, woven tapes, ropes, ...
  • We can be your privileged partner by managing the development of your product from A to Z, as well as the evolution of the product throughout its life, always in total confidentiality.
  • As a dynamic and innovative company that has been able to welcome experienced staff, IMATTEC was created specifically to make technical textiles and through its flexibility and innovative working methods knows how to challenge its methods and machine park on a daily basis.
  • Advanced materials combined with unique processes and techniques, all with a singular organisation and methods, make IMATTEC your ideal partner for your developments and production of new technical fabrics.

Our strength: our technology and integration

“IMATTEC : spinning of French technical yarns”

IMATTEC is historically specialised in the spinning of yarn based on long fibres, more commonly known as fibre spun yarn, even if now its job is not limited to the yarn.

From the fibre...


Thanks to our partners, our contacts, our network and our presence in a lot of applications, for almost 20 years, we have acquired a strong experience in fibrous materials, their structures, their compositions, their transformations, their possibilities. Hand in hand with our faithful suppliers, sometimes at the very beginning in the textile transformation chain, we are in a position to develop the specific characteristics of the material and the fibre.

For a large part of our production, we transform continuous fibres into long staple fibres by cutting, stretch-breaking or converting. These technologies allow the production of yarns with several materials with different properties (synthetic, natural, mineral, metallic, artic) combined in intimate blends.

The properties are multiple, the performances are improved and this allows the functionalisation of a textile. This yarn structure offers more comfort and flexibility than solutions based on filaments. For example, in composites, the fibrous surface of the yarns allows a different physical adhesion to polymer resins (epoxy, glues, polyester, polyurethane...), or the bonding of thermofusible fibres at the very heart of the yarn...

Techno : Synthetic materials are converted from filaments into long staple fibres by us using several processes such as cutting-carding (+ combing), stretch-breaking, converting.

...through the yarn...

spun yarn

The fibres are mixed and parallelized if necessary (carding-combing, gillboxing, etc.) and incorporated into various spinning techniques, conventional (ring spinning) or not (hollow spindle spinning, alternating twist, air (vortex), dreff, etc.).

If required, our solutions can also integrate rigid or non-rigid, elastic or non-elastic monofilaments and multifilaments.

Several yarns of the same nature or not can be assembled together by twisting, sheathing, or cabling. This allows us to offer solutions based on yarns made of filaments, fibres or both.

Beyond the material and its intrinsic performances, all these infinite combinations of fibrous structures allow the creation of yarns (and textiles), flexible, comfortable or stiff, elastic, resilient, thin or thick, dense, porous, shiny, deformable, translucent...

It is a real advantage for technical textiles to highlight the material's primary characteristics as much as possible. Example: a material with high mechanical performance (aramid, Vectran®...) spun at a certain level of twist, let say a "conventional" twist, will have a specific tenacity and a certain abrasion performance. Let suppose that you want to improve one parameter or maybe both of them. The twist (if we are only talking about this parameter) can be modified at IMATTEC and be, by means of tests and trials, obviously, perfectly adapted to the textile process. the fabric or the finished product.

aramid glove for cut resistance

Based on our yarns and advanced materials associated or not with others, manufactured 100% in house, or with the help of reliable and faithful partners, we can offer you the development and production of technical fabrics, or knitwear ..., made to measure with the best technical performances, and why not unique in the world!

IMATTEC is also your privileged partner for the management of the textile project from A to Z

For special textile needs in fabrics (woven, knitted, felt...) or finished articles (gloves, cuffs, socks, small volumes...), apart from any standards, IMATTEC can help you!

Vous avez besoin de :

  • The best possible cut resistance?
  • The highest abrasion performance?
  • The best resistance to fire?
  • The fabric with the best insulating power?
  • A textile that conducts electric current?

Tell us what you are looking for!

How to do it?

It all starts by making contact via our contact form or directly by email to Our sales teams are also attending various trade fairs.

Then we will work together on:

Analysis of the need, definition of the type of product and its performance, establishment of strict specifications according to precise standards, sampling,..., prototypes, tests,..., customer validation (performance, price,...).

Then, the developed product will follow its life cycle

and IMATTEC will support you in the growth and the evolutions by setting up the best possible service to meet the expectations of your market (adjustment of minimum quantities to be implemented, setting up of stock, delivery service, work on price optimisation, etc.).

In brief :

IMATTEC supplies fibres, yarns, fabrics and finished products made to measure according to your requirements and specifications.

IMATTEC has a technical department, closely linked to the production, which benefits from an internal textile metrology laboratory, as well as a machine park that can be adapted to its needs almost infinitely. All our production and research facilities are located in Tourcoing, France. If necessary, we favour local partners and subcontractors whenever possible for obvious reasons of follow-up, efficiency and ecology.

We work regularly with schools (ENSAIT, ITECH, MIT, CEA, University of Manchester,...) and textile laboratories (GEMTEX, IFTH, CENTEXBEL,...) when it is necessary.

We are also involved in several regional, national and European collaborative projects on a wide range of topics such as: virology, health, construction, defence, cryogenics, aeronautics, e-textiles (or smart textiles)...

“From a few metres or grams... to several kilometres or tonnes... “

The use of sampling, semi-industrial and industrial machines makes IMATTEC an ideal partner for your developments and their realisation in real industrial products.