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PTFE fibres based technical yarns and fabrics for UV, abrasion and electrical current protection applications...

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PTFE and its properties

Polytetrafluoroethylene more commonly known as PTFE or "teflon" (a brand name known to the general public - by DuPont - used in pan linings and plumbing sealing tape) is a fluoropolymer. We classify this material with such singular characteristics as mineral fibres (based on fluorine).

Its low coefficient of friction (self-lubricating), its outstanding chemical resistance, its high thermal resistance, as well as its oleophobic and hydrophobic properties make it a unique and really special material.

In fibres, it allows the manufacture of the most special fabrics in technical textiles. PTFE is extremely stable to various chemicals and is nearly insensitive to the most common acids, bases, solvents and gases, including concentrated and hot gases. Only products with a high fluorine concentration can affect it. In addition to being chemically inert, it is insensitive to UV light and non-combustible (M0).

Electrically speaking, its high dielectric constants make it a perfect insulator for high-risk applications.

On the other hand, PTFE fibres have a relatively low mechanical strength. However, PTFE has the best life time and resistance to the elements.

The "+": PTFE-based textiles generate a "cold effect". Actually, in contact with such a fabric, you feel a strong cooling effect.

Technical data of PTFE

PTFE : Features & Applications

IMATTEC, from several years of experience, has acquired a unique know-how in the production and transformation of PTFE fibres into textiles of diverse structures, for a wide range of advanced uses thanks to the following characteristics:

PTFE for water-repellent and breathable textiles PTFE used in sports for friction and heat management PTFE in composites and building

PTFE : Our possibilities in detail

We have created a dedicated processing line for the very special work of this fibre, developed entirely in-house by our research and development engineers. This equipment evolves almost daily for the continuous improvement of our quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

Important note: we are talking about 100% pure PTFE fibres, and not about fibres (glass, or various polymers) covered with a PTFE deposit which, itself, due to a lack of resistance (specific to the nature of the material itself), could be spread through use, washing, rubbing... We do not use fluorinated deposits, nor spraying, nor surface grafting. Our fibres are 100% made of PTFE.

100% PTFE fibres = permanent effect!

This enables us to offer you the following solutions:

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PTFE yarn and fabric PTFE woven tape Double-sided knitted fabric made of PTFE and Vectran®.

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