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Long fibres spinning mill for technical textiles

IMATTEC is your specialist in advanced fibrous materials, spinner and supplier of solutions based on advanced technical textiles for a wide range of applications.

Our French spinning mill

Located in Tourcoing, in the north of France, our spinning mill develops and produces high-performance technical textiles based on advanced materials (metals, PTFE, aramid, Vectran®, IMAT'Fire®, PVA, PBO Zylon...) and multiple structures (fibres, single yarns, plied, Multifil, monofil, covered, fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven felts...), not affraid to think outside the box in order to respond precisely to your needs.

With nearly 20 years of experience in its field, IMATTEC offers a very wide range of technical yarns and fabrics solutions. Our know-how and knowledge of the markets are at your service to solve your problems.

Our engineering department

Our engineering and design department benefits from a specific workshop combining a wide range of technical possibilities for working with technical fibres and a textile metrology laboratory (mechanical, physical, chemical).

Our innovation, technical sales and production teams work closely together on your R&D projects..

Our current fields of application

Our current fields of application (HOMETECH, INDUTECH, MOBILTECH, PROTECH, SPORTTECH...) are vast and cover for example PPE (personal protective equipment), the glass industry (flat and hollow glass), sport, high temperature filtration (burners, energy fields, gas industry, motorisation), aerospace, defence, design, automotive, ...

Textile solutions offered

The textile solutions offered, without being exhaustive, may involve properties such as anti-cutting, abrasion resistance, anti-perforation, anti-vandalism, resistance to cryogenic cold and fire, thermal insulation, resistance to UV rays and detergents... or have heating, antistatic, measurement or detection (sensors), data or power transmission properties, ...

Our range of production possibilities is complete

With equipments that are sometimes entirely designed or modified in-house:

Stretch-breaking, cutting, carding, texturing, converting, blending, long-fibre spinning (conventional or not), twisting, covering, assembling, winding, finishing (dyeing, fire-resistant finish, etc...).

On different types of materials :

Pulp (ultra short fibres), staple fibres, sliver, roving, spun yarn, twisted yarn, monofilament, multifilament, cable, ... More information

With possibilities in fabrics and finished products :

Whether you are users of fabrics (knitted, woven, braided, non-woven) or finished products (antistatic gloves, insulating socks, protective sleeves, conveyor belts, etc.) we can also meet your needs, either internally or with our network of partners and subcontractors.More information

Our high-performance advanced materials

  • Vectran® : Cut and heat resistant fibre with higher performances than aramids,...
  • PBO (Zylon®) : The most resistant fibre on the market (tenacity of 37cN/dtex and deterioration at 650°C).
  • Aramide (Twaron, Nomex) : Less resistant than Zylon® and Vectran® but more affordable.
  • IMAT'Fire® : Fire and heat protection, with a soft hand, moisture absorption, ...
  • PTFE Profilen® : UV and chemical resistance, self-lubricating, anti-adhesive, oleophobic, hydrophobic,...
  • Inox : electrical conductivity and resistance to very high temperatures (800°C)
  • Other metals and alloys in fibres and filaments : Copper, silver, gold, aluminium, fecralloy, Inconel, hastelloy, metal deposits...
  • Others : High modulus polyethylene (HMPE), PVA, PEEK, PPS, ...