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Zylon® PBO yarns and fabrics

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PBO Zylon® and its properties

PBO, for poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole), branded Zylon® (Toyobo - Japan), is a special material in fibres with high mechanical and thermal performance. From the LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) family, it is often wrongly described like a "super (para) aramid". Certainly, in type of performance and behaviour (mechanical and thermal resistance, decomposition without melting), we are close to it, however, at the level of the macromolecular chain of the polymer and in performance levels, PBO fibres outperform para aramids.

The tensile strength of this fibre is the highest of the textile materials marketed on an industrial scale (37cN/dtex). This simply makes it the strongest fibre in the world marketed at these volumes. Its thermal resistance is also one of the highest (degradation temperature: 650°C / LOI: 68), meaning a difference of almost 100°C with para aramids.

Its Achilles' heel, its weaknesses, are linked to the high sensitivity not only to ultraviolet light but to the whole spectrum of visible light. The price of this very special fibre is also related to its outstanding performances and complex manufacturing technologies.

This fibre is available in "regular" (type AS) and "high modulus" (type HM).

Other advantages of Zylon® are excellent creep resistance, very good anti-cutting performance, minimal temperature shrinkage, abrasion resistance close to para aramids, good mechanical fatigue resistance and resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Technical data of Zylon® PBO

Technical data sheet

PBO Zylon® : features & applications

The applications for PBO Zylon® fibres are diverse, but they are generally in advanced and demanding environments, mainly due to the high price of this fibre, which, it should be remembered, has the highest performances.

For its resistance to high temperatures and high mechanical stress, PBO is used in industry (glassware, filtration, conveyor belts, sewing thread, welding or foundry protection, joints, etc.), construction (concrete reinforcements), safety (firefighter's protective equipment, anti-cutting gloves, ballistic protection, etc.). ...), sport, yachting, sailing, motor sport ( rope and braiding, fabrics, composite textile matrix...), aircraft, aerospace, transport (tyres, various types of sheathing...), acoustic applications (loudspeakers)...

PBO Zylon® used in sports Zylon® PBO for fire protection Zylon® PBO used in composites and PPE

Our possibilities in Zylon® PBO

IMATTEC offers a wide range of taylor-made yarns with PBO in pure or blended with other materials. Depending on the problematic, we will advise you on the kind of yarn, the nature of the fibre mixed with PBO (aramid, stainless steel, etc.) and on the yarn sizes. These yarns can also be integrated into some woven, braided or knitted articles on request. Ask us!

Important note : IMATTEC uses only 100% virgin, new and long-fibre Zylon®. It is stored, processed and dispatched in optimal conditions in relation to the particular characteristics of this fibre, especially because of its high sensitivity to UV radiation.

Zylon® PBO yarn spool Zylon® PBO knitted fabric Thread bobbin made of PBO Zylon®

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