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IMAT'Fire-based flame-retardant technical yarns and fabrics for fire protection applications and for heat insulation...

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IMAT’Fire and its properties

IMAT'Fire is a non-flammable fibre that outperforms meta-aramids in thermal performance. This reticulated polyacrylate type synthetic fibre has very high performance in terms of flame resistance, thermal insulation at high temperatures and resistance to chemical products (acids, bases, detergents, etc.) and UV rays. The mechanical characteristics of the fibre are limited, but are sufficient for weaving or knitting treatments, depending on the application. If necessary, IMAT'Fire fibres can be mixed with other fibres to improve mechanical resistance. We will advise you according to your needs and problems.

When exposed to very high temperatures, technical textiles made of IMAT'Fire are stable and carbonise. They do not burn, melt, drip or shrink.

Smoke and gas emissions are very low and non-toxic. This is an advantage for use in closed areas, especially in establishments receiving the public (ERP).

IMAT'Fire textiles withstand oxidising agents as well as highly concentrated acids and bases without deteriorating. Its mechanical and thermal performances remain intact.

This technical fibre is hydrophilic. It provides breathable and comfortable solutions, with a soft and pleasant touch, non-irritating to the skin. Its moisture absorption capacity is higher than cotton (47%) and is interesting for regulating perspiration in PPE for example.

The inherent antistatic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of our IMAT'Fire fibre are a plus for technical protective textiles (PPE, medical, etc.).

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Technical datas of IMAT’Fire

Technical data sheet

IMAT’Fire : Features & Applications

The various inherent properties of IMAT'Fire justify its use for several applications where high levels of performance are required (F1 certification)

Fire-resistant personal protective equipments (PPE) made with IMAT'Fire are used against flame (firefighter, flame barrier), heat (racing driver, insulating socks), electric arc (welder), metal projection (foundry).... The possibilities and solutions are diverse, whether against the skin (T-shirt, balaclava, sock, etc.), as an underlayer (non-woven, felt, fabric, etc.) or as an outer layer (technical clothing, PPE, image clothing for the army, fire fighters, etc.). With IMAT'Fire you get a comfortable, soft, antibacterial and antistatic product that protects you from fire and heat.

Public transport (trains, aeroplanes, buses, etc.) and ERPs (establishments open to the public) require the use of materials that are certainly fireproof, but which above all do not give off fumes or toxic gases in order to avoid fatal intoxication.

IMAT'Fire exceeds the required standards. A single fibre for all your needs: upholstery fabric, carpeting, wall covering, blankets, insulation board, firewall, etc. )

The filtration of gases in acid or basic environments with continuous temperatures up to 250°C can be achieved with the IMAT'Fire.

The industry also uses IMAT'Fire for its low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance. As a filler in composite concrete,a coating for pipelines, or for making fireproof barriers, the possibilities are endless.

IMAT'Fire used for PPE against fire IMAT'Fire as a fireproof solution in aeronautics and railways IMAT'Fire used in gas filtration

IMAT’Fire : Our possibilities in detail

The technical textiles, based on IMAT'Fire presented below can be 100%, with different metallic alloys and/or mixed with other fibres such as Aramides, PET, PP, PAM, PBO, HMPE, PVA...

IMATTEC processes the fibres and supplies pure or blended IMAT'Fire fibre (in bulk) in various cut lengths.

IMATTEC is a French spinning mill which develops, produces and supplies yarns in 100% IMAT'Fire from Nm30 for the thinnest yarns to Nm1 for the thickest.

For yarns in intimate blends the fineness range depends on the material(s) used (ask for information).

Our varied spinning equipments (conventional ring spinning, non-conventional spinning, covering, twisting, etc.) allows us to produce a multitude of different yarn structures (covered, cabled, twisted, composite, intimate blend, etc.).

Our threads/yarns are taylor-made and we adapt the settings according to your needs: weaving, knitting, sewing, embroidery.

For applications requiring special fabrics, IMATTEC thinks outside of the box and develops and produces woven, knitted, braided, panel, tubular and non-woven fabrics, integrating our yarns and fibres and are produced by our workshops or our network of partners and subcontractors.

But also: gloves, socks, sleeves, hats, sheaths, fireproof lining, cuffs...

For this kind of solution, we study each request on a case-by-case basis. The finished products are made to measure and, as with fabrics, require a personalised study.

This list of possibilities is of course not exhaustive, so do not hesitate to contact us.

The strength of IMATTEC

IMATTEC also integrates a know-how of industrial treatment and dyeing (integrated process located in France in Tourcoing). The installations are automated and use the latest technology. They are associated with an innovative treatment for the recovery of dyeing effluents. [more information] IMAT'Fire fibre can be dyed by our in-house processes.

Other possibilities on request. We can develop the textile solution according to the technical requirements of your application.

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