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Aramid technical yarns and fabrics for thermal and mechanical protection applications.

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Aramids and their properties

Meta-aramid (Nomex®, Conex®, Kermel®...) or para-aramid (Kevlar®, Twaron®...) fibres are both non-melting fibres (they carbonise) used for their thermal resistance (200-250°C). However, the important difference between meta and para aramid lies in the difference in mechanical strength, para-aramid (natural yellow colour) being much more mechanically resistant.

These aramid fibres are the most widespread and make up the majority of textiles for technical uses. They are present in various fields such as: automotive (composites, tyres...), sport (ropes, composites...), defence and rescue (fire and heat protection...), transport, aeronautics and aerospace...

It should be noted that aramid fibres are not, or only with difficulty, dyed and that the colour ranges are often limited. The significant additional costs and minimum quantities of large processing operations may be required if coloured flame retardant fibres are required.

Aramid long-fibres slivers for spinning Aramid fiber tow (continuous bundle) for stretch-breaking process Aramid in pulp of fibers (virgin or recycled)

Technical data of Aramids (meta and para)

Para-aramids : Twaron®, Kevlar®, Technora®,...

  • Tenacity : 16,5 to 20,6 cN/dtex
  • Elongation :3,0 to 4,0%
  • Module : 60 to 80 GPa
  • Deterioration temperature : 482°C
  • Maximum temperature for continuous use : 240°C
  • Flame spreading : no
  • Density : 1,44g/cm3
  • Color : yellow

Meta-aramids : Nomex®, Newstar®, Conex®, ...

  • Tenacity : 2,5 to 4,0 cN/dtex
  • Elongation :20 to 30 %
  • Deterioration temperature : 370°C
  • Maximum temperature for continuous use : 240°C
  • Maximum thermal shock : 310°C
  • Flame spreading : no
  • Density : 1,38 g/cm3
  • Color : white (dyeable under conditions)

Features & Applications of Aramids

Para-aramid is, among many other applications, used in bullet-proof jackets or cut-resistant gloves.

As for meta-aramid (from raw white to yellow-orange colour), it is rather present in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as motor racing suits, or firemen's equipment, alone, or combined if necessary with other fibres, such as para aramid to improve the breaking strength of the suit for example.

Aramid used for fire and thermal protection of firefighters Aramides used in the army for ballistic protection and shieldings Protective gloves against burns and cuts made of Aramid

Aramid : Our possibilities in detail

IMATTEC works with and supplies fibres :

IMATTEC is a French spinner offering :

Our complete and flexible spinning equipments (ring spinning machine, unconventional spinning, covering, twisting, cabling, multiple assemblies...) allow the realisation of a multitude of different yarn structures (covered, cabled, twisted, composites, intimate blends...).

Our yarns are made-to-measure (taylor-made) and made from quality virgin fibres.

We are able to adapt our settings according to your use of our yarns in: section, direction or level of twist, pilosity, density... for your weaving, knitting, sewing, braiding, embroidery applications...

IMATTEC offers its know-how in the development of fabrics and semi-finished textiles with advanced characteristics. :

Woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics, socks, gloves,... incorporate our yarns and fibres and are made either internally in our own workshops based in France, in Tourcoing, or by our network of partners.

For this kind of solution, we study each request on a case-by-case basis and offer tailor-made solutions.

Other possibilities (non-exhaustive list) :

Gloves, socks, sleeves, hats, tapes (woven, knitted, braided), sleeves, slivers, cords, braids, hood, sheets, mitten, rolls of fabrics, ...

Ask us! We can develop the textile solution according to the technical requirements of your application.


The use of a treatment and dyeing system on yarns that enables the dyeing to be carried out when possible, but also washing, depositing, functionalizing in a bath....

Aramid yarn and glove Aramid fabric Overview of the possibilities with Aramid

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