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IMATTEC makes every effort to fight against global warming and over-consumption

We respect the current regulations/norms and we sort our waste, but that's not all.

Our actions for the environment :

As planned, IMATTEC strives, where necessary and possible, to work with local actors.

All our production waste is well controlled and subject to strict sorting allowing maximum internal or external reuse.

Our energy consumption (water, gas, electricity) is monitored on a daily basis. Ongoing investments allow us to continually reduce them.

The training of our staff on these points is continuous and integrated into their skills validation processes.

Our customers benefit from this:

Opting for IMATTEC products means choosing durability and performance, and therefore the reduction of your own impact, in addition to making significant savings in the long term.

It also means counting on the performance of our solutions to lighten your product and reduce energy consumption by your customers (in the automotive, aeronautical and general transport sectors).

As explained , our production is mainly dedicated to long fibre. The recyclability of your fabrics will therefore be significantly improved compared to short fibre, and the result, after recycling, will be of higher quality and more valuable.

Our research is continuous and has been going on for a long time, whether it is on local, biosourced or agro-sourced fibres for their technical interests such as linen, nettle, hemp, wool, PA11 (polyamide 11), viscose, PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate), ... and endlessly recyclable fibres such as metal fibres (stainless steel, copper, aluminium, ...).